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Angels (TB) Angels (MP) Athletics (12U)
Braves (TB) Braves (MP) Braves (12U)
Cubs (TB) Cardinals (MP) Pirates (12U)
D'Backs (TB) Cubs (MP) Rockies (12U)
Rangers (TB) D'Backs (MP) Royals (12U)
Rockies (TB) Pirates (MP) Yankees (12U)
  Rockies (MP)  
Astros (TMP) Royals (MP) Angels (14U)
Athletics (TMP)   Astros (14U)
Royals (TMP) Cardinals (MP1) Rangers (14U)
  D'Backs (MP1) Yankees (14U)
  Rockies (MP1)  
    Braves (18U)
    Cardinals (18U)
    Cubs (18U)
    D'Backs (18U)

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